Valorant: New Icebox map revealed ahead of Act III

PUBLISHED October 06, 2020 UPDATED October 06, 2020 Valorant

The developers at Riot Games went over a slew of competitive matchmaking changes in a recent Valorant video diary. All of those changes are coming in Act III and beyond. What else is on its way in Valorant's third act of Episode 1 is a brand new map.


The map is aptly named Icebox. This new Valorant map appears to be an abandoned base in the tundra of Valorant's Earth. The map reveal showcases many outside paths with shipping containers as the main cover.

Icebox does have an inside portion which appears to be a cafeteria or break room area within the base. There's milk and pizza left on the counter, which could mean the occupants had to take off rather quickly if we are talking about the lore aspect.

The Icebox reveal also shows multiple ropes similar to those on the map Split. One rope appears to make its way across a room rather than up to a platform. A prominent Valorant Leaks Twitter account has noted that this will bring a new mechanic where players can hang from a zipline.

At the end of the teaser, it shows a team separating as the view zooms out. It looks like it will be a two site map with one site inside and one site outside. The mid portion of the map will more than likely lead to back entryways for each site.

At this point, it appears that with every new Valorant Act we will see a new map and a new agent, so be on the lookout for that new agent reveal any day now.

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