Valorant Act III to see major matchmaking changes

PUBLISHED October 05, 2020 UPDATED October 05, 2020 Valorant

Valorant has been on a on a roll in a casual and competitive sense. The esports scene and overall player base have pushed Valorant to be the next successful Riot Games title. Currently inside Act II of Episode 1, Riot Games is looking to the future. Act III will arrive soon, along with several changes that will deliver a better matchmaking experience.

Valorant Act III matchmaking changes

One of the bigger changes that will arrive with Act III is the rank range in which players can queue together. Originally, players could queue up in competitive matchmaking within six ranks of each other. The upcoming changes make it three. Per Riot's example, this means a Diamond 3 ranked player can only queue with teammates in the Platinum 3 to Immortal 3 range.

Valorant players will also be able to select a preferred server to play on. In the developer diary video from Riot Games, it appears that players will be able to select more than one preferred server, in order to have a backup. It was stated that it is not a guarantee to end up on the preferred server, but this change will increase the chances of everyone having solid connections within matchmaking.

Episode 2

Image via Riot Games

After detailing the big competitive matchmaking changes coming in Act III, Systems Design Lead David Cole touched on what is being worked on for Episode 2. Coming in 2021, Episode 2 will see even further quality of life changes to Valorant's matchmaking system. These updates are already being worked on in order to be implemented as soon as Episode 2 arrives.

The first big addition mentioned is that of a public leaderboard. It will be region-based and, by Riot Games' example, will show a top 500 listing. The amount of games won and the way players move up and down the leaderboard will show. It is unknown if this leaderboard will be available for each ranking tier, more than the top 500, or any other stat category.

Image via Riot Games

Lastly, David Cole touched on higher ranked competitive changes in Valorant. One change is the focus on wins and losses mattering the most in the Immortal rank and above. The hope is to experiment here and bring it to all other ranking tiers if it works. Players will even see a size restriction in Immortal and above.

The higher ranks have a much smaller matchmaking pool. The idea is to restrict party sizes to solo or duo queues. This change is to speed up the matchmaking time in Immortal rank and higher. It is also a means to make it fairer to those players who typically play solo, avoiding completely stacked teams.

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