TSM loses to FNC and LGD Gaming, becoming the first team ever to go 0-6 at worlds!

PUBLISHED October 10, 2020 UPDATED October 13, 2020 League of Legends

After going 0 - 6  at the League of Legends Worlds Championship main event, the first North American seed TSM (Team Solo Mid) gets completely knocked out after two consecutive losses versus Fnatic and LGD Gaming!

TSM's winless record was a huge shock for a lot of fans as they were among the first pool teams, not to mention the top LCS seed that performed really well in the regular season. The disappointment was not only coming from the fans, but also from the players themselves as they couldn't even make it out of the groups stage.

Their first Loss at the seventh day of the main event vs Fnatic gives a good insight about the team's indecisiveness when it comes to making plays and shot calling in team fights. This can be clearly seen at the 16:28 minute mark when both teams collided for the Ocean Drake.
Despite Fnatic's full commitment on taking down TSM Broken Blade with Volibear's Flash in combination with Orianna's Shockwave, TSM failed to deliver a reactive blow while killing the drake as TSM Biofrost hesitates to pull the trigger and engage. As a result, Graves was able to snag the drake from TSM, leaving them with nothing and setting up the game for Fnatic.

Being very famous in North America for his Zilean, TSM's last hope was indefinitely with Bjergsen as they faced off against LGD Gaming. However, unlike in North America where he would almost always win his lane or go even with counter match ups, that might not be the case at worlds. Xiye's Orianna was Dominating the mid lane ever since his solo kill unto Bjergsen's Zilean, making it incredibly hard for Bjergsen to make plays and pressuring him to use Zilean's Chrono shift prior to team fights.

Additionally, Doublelift's inability to make quick use of his summoner spells as well as his false positioning in team fights put a huge dead weight into the team's capability of winning the game.

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