Shadowlands: Dark Abduction Cinematic Officially Released

PUBLISHED October 15, 2020 UPDATED October 15, 2020 World of Warcraft

"And When She Comes, Our End Begins!"

The world of Azeroth witnesses the sudden blackout of it's blue sky. While it's leaders are staring into the abyss, darkness falls on it's prince.

Blizzard Entertainment releases it's new World of Warcraft Cinematic which is a continuation for the Shadowlands Trailer. This one is not only a better recreation of the old one where Sylvanas shatters the Helm of Domination, but also shows an interesting reveal of what is about to happen.

The scene begins with the mysterious dark sky above Icecrown. As Bolvar is being helped to his feet to reach Acherus, he narrates to us his thought process about Sylvanas and what unimaginable horrors she had done unto the world of Azeroth.
Thereafter, the scenery shifts to revolve around the leaders of each faction as they look up at the dark sky.

The last faction leader we see is king Anduin Wrynn at his father's tomb in Lion's Rest. All of a sudden, two Valkyries appear from the skies and shoot at him dark ghostly chains. After the successful abduction of king Anduin, Genn shouts out Sylvana's name in pure rage. With Anduin gone, the alliance is left without a king! Now, with both leaders of the Alliance and the Horde being gone, we might see another pact between the two factions, all for the greater good of saving Azeroth.

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