R7 Upsets LGD Gaming at Worlds!

PUBLISHED September 29, 2020 UPDATED October 02, 2020 ESports

Despite their standings and their huge reputation in China in the regular season, LGD Gaming fails to deliver the expectations of their fans as R7 turns the tables and grabs an unexpected win as the underdog!

Image Via Riot Games

Going into drafts, LGD was able to secure one of Han “Peanut” Wang-ho's signature and most favorite champion Lee Sin to win the game. However, even with their decent and scaling team composition as well as securing a couple of picks in the early game, LGD could not find the right angles to win the game-deciding team fights.

Video by Onivia League of Legneds Highlights

R7 outplayed LGD in nearly every team fight which had won them several objectives including two barons,the dragon soul as well as the elder drake. Even though R7 had their ADC player missing at the beginning of the last team fight due to Leza getting picked prior to the spawn of the elder drake, their momentum and huge lead as well as LGD Kramer’s mistake for dying by Orianna’s ultimate made it an easy grab for R7.

LGD is now ranked the lowest team in Group B and will need two wins in a row in order to have a chance at the knockouts! On the other hand, the Latin American team Rainbow 7 is looking promising as they proceed to play against V3 Esports tomorrow for a chance of a tiebreaker!

Nonetheless, the LPL is still recognized as the most scariest region in the whole tournament as they had always prevailed and proved their domination in League of Legends world's championships.

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