Minecraft Caves & Cliffs coming Summer 2021

PUBLISHED October 03, 2020 UPDATED October 04, 2020 Minecraft

Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time. It has been just over a decade since its release and it is still going strong. During the recent Minecraft Live event, fans were treated to the announcement of a new update. Coming Summer 2021 is the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update.

What is new in Caves & Cliffs?

The next big Minecraft update with improve cave generation. As well, new types of caves will arive such as luch caves and dripstone caves. This all comes alongside a new archaeology system that adds to the storytelling of Minecraft. In these caves are new crystals which can be used to craft telescopes.

The update will also introduce a new hostile mob known as the warden. The warden mob is blind, attacking off of sound and sensing movement. They will not attack straight away, but if the player is too loud or too close, look out. They are said to be incredibly strong.

A new element in the form of copper will make its way to Minecraft. With copper comes an aging function. Much like in real life, the copper will turn green. This gives players a tried and true way to establish longevity in Minecraft.

Minecraft mob voting

Minecraft is known for running polls in regards to new content. Fans of the game are able to vote on what will be coming in future updates. An example of this is the Mountain Update that will be included in Caves & Cliffs. Players voted for this new biome and it will enter Minecraft with next summer's update. It also brings along the mountain goats that will jump and headbutt their way through this new biome.

The lead up to Minecraft Live saw fans eagerly voting for the next mob that would appear in the game. The choices were between the Iceologer from Minecraft Dungeons, the Moobloom flower, or the Glow Squad, both from Minecraft Earth. The event unveiled the winning vote and what would become the new mob arriving via Caves & Cliffs.

(Image Credit: Minecraft)

The Glow Squid won the vote, bringing all of its glowing tentacle goodness to Minecraft. The squids glow a shade of blue and add to the marine life within the game. Some fans were quite upset that the Iceologer missed out on the vote, as it would fit right in with the new mountain focused update.

Overall, Minecraft is still going strong. This may be the biggest update it has seen or will ever see. Summer 2021 could easily be the summer of Minecraft.

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