How to get The Wolverine skin in Fortnite

PUBLISHED October 02, 2020 UPDATED October 04, 2020 Fortnite

Recently, Fortnite have released the new Wolverine week 6 Challenges. Here is a simple guide to completing these challenges and unlocking the ultimate Wolverine skin in Fortnite!

Credit: Marvel Studios

Epic games have been notoriously known over the years to associate its game, Fortnite, with Marvel characters like Deadpool and Aquaman. This season, they chose Wolverine to be the skin for players to unlock after completing a set of challenges. Here is how to complete these recent challenges that will not only earn you the Wolverine Skin, but also the Adamantium claws (cause lets face it, Wolverine isn't a Wolverine without his claws) as well as other extra rewards!

Credit: Epic Games

First and foremost, let us make it clear that completing these challenges won't be an easy task. In every game players will be most likely landing where Wolverine is on the map (between Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp) in order to complete the challenges, thus making it quite hectic.

Credit: Epic Games

In order to  get the Wolverine skin and complete the first challenge, you need to defeat Wolverine himself. Wolverine will usually howl, so follow his sound in order to know where he is. Once you have found him, you will need to trigger him by either shooting at him or hitting him with a vehicle as most likely he will continue wandering around the area if you don't damage him. Defeating Wolverine will earn you the Wolverine outfit as well as unlocking the other challenges.

Credit: Epic Games

Furthermore, killing Wolverine will make him drop his claws as a weapon, which then can be used to achieve the second challenge. The easiest way for achieving the second challenge and earning the Weapon X emoticon is by damaging other players with the claws equipped in the Marvel Knockout mode.

The third and last challenge is one of the easiest challenges out of the whole set of challenges that can earn you the Adamantium Claws as well as the Snikt Emote. All what you have to do is jump in a game of Fortnite and use the emote: SNIKT! Doing so, you can now use the Adamantium Claws to harvest resources in Fortnite instead of using your regular pick ax. Talk about next level of coolness! However, it is important to keep in mind that it is required for you to complete all eight challenges from previous weeks (not only the ones from week 6) in order to unlock the Wolverine Awakening.

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