Top 5 Tips and Tricks in Genshin Impact

PUBLISHED October 08, 2020 UPDATED October 08, 2020 Genshin Impact

Whether you are a new player or an advanced player, here are some tips and tricks that can guide you to progress faster in "Genshin Impact" and you can begin with right from the start!

Genshin Impact Interactive World Map

The most important and significant resources in "Genshin Impact" are the Anemoculus and the Geoculus. These resources can not only upgrade your stamina so you don't run out of breath so easily, but can also be offered to the Statue of the Seven for unbelievably valuable incentives. Even though the integrated map within the game itself can help direct you to your quests and small objectives, it does not indicate the location of these valuable resources. In order to do so, it is highly recommended that you check out the Interactive World Map by appsample: to make harvesting much easier.

Elemental Resonance

One button that many people tend to miss out on and can be quite informative for your team comp is "Elemental Resonance". By matching up different pairs of the same element, you can get great passives that can help you either in fights or during your exploration. The best passive one could get his hands on during the early stages of the game is "Impetuous Winds" due to its multiple perks and benefits, such as decreasing stamina consumption, increasing movement speed as well as shortening the cool downs of your abilities.

Focus on One Character

In the early game (prior to adventure rank 30) it is highly recommended that you focus up on gearing and leveling one five star / S tier character rather than multiple characters. Despite the fact that you will be leveling up four characters in the end game, you will not be able to level them up immediately in the early game due to many factors like the limited amount of resources and the limited access to characters. This also means leveling up their weapons and artifacts in order to raise their DPS and stats.

Best Weapons

by leveling up and refining weapons, you can dish out more damage even with three star weapons! the number of stars might mean a better quality, however this does not apply for weapons. one of the best weapons to level up / refine are the ones that increase your normal attack damage or Critical strike by a percentage. This is because you will be auto attacking monsters and bosses most of the time during your abilities' cool downs.

Skill Level Ups!

Did you know that you could level up your abilities and basic attacks, which contributes directly to the biggest boosts in doing more damage in the entire game? open up your characters sheets by pressing (C) on your keyboard and then select "Talents". on the right side of your character, you will find the various abilities and basic attacks that you can level up after reaching ascension level one or two.

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