Covid-19: An Ultimatum for The Esports Underdogs and a misfortune for Others.

PUBLISHED October 13, 2020 UPDATED October 14, 2020 Covid-19

In this Blog we will be covering up how many of the Esports teams are coping up, struggling and adapting with Covid-19 as well as the rise of many underdog teams in the League competitive scene.

Many Esports companies like Riot Games and Activision have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic with an in house -online style for arranging the tournaments of their games like Overwatch, League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty. However, for other companies like Valve, the answer is much harder than it might seem. The competitive Landscape and the nature of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is composed of multiple tournament organizers, making it quite the challenge.

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While most of the tournaments are being held online and most of the players were playing from the comfort of their homes, Valve made a huge upturn for their competitive scene; for maximum coverage due to the absence of player and commentator cameras, Valve sends its production teams across Europe and the U.S to join practice facilities as well as analysts studios to make things right with the help of production trucks. Which is totally unheard of but undeniably applaud able for the effort!

Forcing most of the Esports teams and players to go into Quarantine, the lives of many of them has taken a turn for the better or for the worse. With meetings, Skirmishes and practices all being held online, some of the players had been discouraged due to lack of physical activity and a firm tangible schedule in their daily lives. On the other hand, others have taken this time as an opportunity to take a break and relax / chill out with their friends and close ones.

The Underdogs

As opposed to every year's Worlds Championship in League of Legends, this year many fans and analysts had predicted it to be different. In the light of current Covid-19 outbreak, some of the teams, like the ones who are based in Vietnam, were not able to make it to worlds despite their qualifications to do so! Not to mention the complications it had on other teams due to quarantine and visa issues as well as the mandatory two week self isolation upon arrival regulation that most teams had to go through aside from the ones who are based in China.

This huge change meant that for the first time in League's History, instead of three teams, four teams from Europe and China will be participating in the concurrent League of Legends Worlds Championship. Accordingly, it opened up many opportunities for underdogs, specifically coming from China, to take on the worlds stage such as PSG Talon, JD Gaming, LGD Gaming and Suning. Even though only Suning and JD Gaming were able to advance into quarter finals, having more than three teams from the same region will definitely increase the chances of them winning and having a better experience at worlds.

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