10 Tips on How To Grow As a Streamer

PUBLISHED October 02, 2020 UPDATED October 02, 2020 ESports

Streaming is a hobby, career, and a dream for so many people. There are hundreds of thousands of people that watch live streams each day, with nearly the same amount going live themselves. Becoming a popular streamer doesn't happen over night. For those wondering how to grow as a streamer, there are ten helpful tips on successfully doing so.

Set Goals

Firstly, make sure to set some goals. This is crucial in knowing where you want to go as a streamer. How many followers do you want by the end of the month? How many hours do you want to stream total? What is the maximum number of viewers you would like to reach during one stream? All of those are questions to ask yourself. Set achievable short term and long term goals. This gives you something to celebrate along the way, as well. Try writing them down on a piece of paper that you can always look at and tick along the way.

Social Media

Social media is vital in every aspect of business nowadays. For streamers, social media can be a gold mine. Use the right hashtags, comment on the right people's stuff, and advertise. People want to know the real you. Share a link when you go live. Share clips. Post photos of your set up or work space. Social media can be used for so much. You never know when post will reach the right person or persons. One of the best ways to grow is by using social media to your advantage!


This is one a lot of streamers tend to struggle with. Real life can get in the way and that is not a problem, but it can cause some hiccups in regards to streamer growth. Successful streamers typically have a schedule. If something comes up in which the schedule needs to be altered, they inform their viewers. They always get back on track at some point, though. Being consistent so viewers know exactly when you're live is an invaluable strategy.

Spend a Little

This may be difficult for those without the financial means, but it is just as important as any other hint towards growing as a streamer. Whether it involves paying a solid graphic designer to revamp your stream package or buying the best streaming equipment, spending some money can go a long way. Viewers want to see high quality, interactive content. Having exciting alerts, standout panels, and a top tier viewing experience is a way to stick to viewers' memories, leaving them itching to come back.

Find a Niche

DrDisrespect has an entire gimmick. Some streamers stick to one game and dominate. Others make it their mission to defeat every game they get their hand on. There are even some streamers who don't game at all and instead create amazing tangible things while others watch. Whatever it may be, find your niche. What makes you stand out? What makes you unique? It could be something as simple as wearing a different crazy hat every stream. Just do something entertaining that makes you stand out.

Stay Humble

This is a big one. Always remember to stay humble. This keeps your viewer base from seeing you in a negative light. Do not let any success get to your head and do not let any lack of success send you into an outrage. If you go an entire stream without a new follower or a subscriber, don't get defeated. If someone raids you with 100 viewers and only 5 of them follow and show up next time, don't be mad that they didn't come back. Be excited that any of them returned in the first place.


Networking goes hand in hand with social media. That's generally the place to network, outside of the streaming platform itself. What exactly does it mean to network? It does not mean to just self-promote and stick your stream link on everyone's post. It means to interact with your fans. Interact with streamers you may look up to. This could lead to playing with them and getting exposure. It could cause fans to have a positive image of you, they'll tell their friends, and there you have it, word of mouth got you a new viewer.


Of course PlayWith.GG would make the list. At PlayWith.GG, streamers are able to interact with gamers like never before. Streamers are able to create their own games, whether free or at a price, in order to link up with gamers. Users can search by specific games and find someone to play with. This is a great way to monetize your stream outside of a partnership or affiliation status on the platform. As well, PlayWith.GG will be assisting streamers with promotion, graphics, and any assistance they need in order for them to grow by inviting the most dedicated streamers in their Stream Team.

Expand Your Presence

Expanding your presence in a sure fire way to get noticed by at least someone. This can go back to social media and networking. Using those platforms is a great way to expand your presence. If you stream on Twitch, make some clips to share on Twitter. Upload some great gameplay on YouTube. Show off some short entertaining moments on Tik Tok. Wherever you start, think about ways to use other platforms to deliver your content in a different manner. You never know who will see it.

Time Off

Time off from streaming is the most important way to help your grow. How could that be if you aren't streaming, you may ask? If you grind for 12 hours each day of the week, you're going to get burnt out. There's no way around that. Take some time away from the stream to rejuvenate and make yourself more accessible once you go live again. No one wants to see someone sluggishly prodding through a campaign after not sleeping for days. You can use this time to improve your stream layout or think of ways to make the other tips and tricks work.

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